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Carbon Graphite Bearings Bushings

imageOur firm has been manufacturing carbon graphite bearings and rings for 20 years.Self lubricating carbon graphite rings are ideal for applications where lubricators are not utilized.

Even high-temperature applications are not a problem for carbon graphite materials, which we offer to our customers in various sizes and categories over a broad product range.

Our firm rapidly manufactures special parts (0,013 mm) using CNC equipment at high tolerance capacities.


Advantages of Carbon Graphite Bearings and Rings
- Self lubrication
- Low friction coefficient
- Resistance against chemicals, corrosion and oxidation be used
- Suitable for foodstuff and pharmaceuticals - Low density
- Low thermal expansion coefficient
- Excellent thermal shock
- Fine heat conduction
- Fine mechanical durability
- Resistance against high temperature
Typical Applications
- At temperatures above 400 degrees F
- In abrasive environments
- Under dusty circumstances where conventional lubricants cannot
- Chemical pumps
- Food processing pumps
- Refinery processing pumps
- Hot and cold water pumps
- Low-temperature applications